Tuesday, 4 September 2012

iPad Game Development : Joy at Finger Tips

Admit it; we’re at times a kid at heart. We love to eat candies, hop on the see-saw, watch tom & jerry and play games. Games are perhaps every kid’s best childhood memory. Everyone played it boy or girl, indoor or outdoor, yes there is a huge smile on your face!

We also played games on our popular phones. Snake series, the most popular of the lot. As years flew down, games become interesting leaving Mario & Tetris behind. Complex role playing games took over scenario with Mafia’s ruling the gaming world. Along came the dedicated gaming systems by Sony Corporation by introducing Playstation series that literally took the world by storm. Indoor gaming flourished & Sony became an undisputed champ. Sony also introduced a hand held gaming platform called the PSP, which revolutionized personalized portable gaming experience.

Nowadays, Portable gaming has a new avatar. It’s an era of Smartphones & tablets. With increasingly better communication networks & technological breakthroughs, it’s now possible to carry our world with us, at all times. Inventions like iPhone & iPad have truly liberated us from the shackles of enjoyment at home only. Employing a multi-tap touchscreen, users can play a variety of games on the device after an easy download procedure from iTunes.

Apps is iPad’s soul mate. Apps are of different kinds. Games are a big app sector & iPad has some of the best gaming performance out of all the current computing devices. iPad Game Development has huge potential as tablets are finally being considered as worth-buying computing goods.

iPad Game Development has many interesting plus points. Some of them include:

Large Screen : iPad has a fairly large 8 to 10 inch display with stunning graphics. It makes game play so easy without having to strain eyes or look closely. The functionality of iPad is spot on. You don’t rely on additional keyboards or mice or even a handset to play the game, just swipe and tilt, you could play nearly all games on the iPad.

Best in class Hardware : It’s an Apple product. Apple products are industry benchmarks be it the iPod (where it all started) or the iPhone. iPad boasts such hardware that makes it joyful to use for any application be it gaming, music or browsing the internet. It cultivates excellence as the display & sound will leave you awestruck. Huge memory option allows you to store large amounts of data, apps, music & videos. iPad gaming experience is truly spectacular.

Convenience: Game players no longer wish to sit at their homes to enjoy gaming. They wish to venture out & have their entertainment at their finger tips. Look no further than iPad. Being larger than a smartphone & much lighter than any laptop, iPad is like holding a feature in your palm. Clever dimensions fits in your palm perfectly with appendages extended, iPad is one device to show case your true game expertise.

iPad is Popular: iPad is extremely popular across the world. Although competitors have similar products, not everyone has seemed to attain similar sales performance. Apple has a dedicated app portal where developers can upload (once approved by Apple) their games & with hundreds of thousands of downloads every day; developers can turn overnight millionaires if the trend favors their game. So take your iPad Game Development seriously, it could be your gate pass to success.